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Personal Request (Based on availablility of our design team and our discretion)
Professional Services (For time-sensitive requests. Minimum order may apply. Will respond with a time and cost estimate or an email requesting more information.)
License Inquiry (License the Just for Geniusess brand for your products, services, and media needs. This would give you the most flexability.)
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Legal Stuff
In a perfect world, we would all get along and we would be able to listen to our customer's requests, ideas, suggestions, and feedback to create trully dazzling products that would delight everyone without making you read and sign a legal agreement first. But sadly, since we don't live in that world, we will not be able to read your submission unless you read and sign the Submission Agreement below.

I, , have read, understood, and freely execute this Submission Release as of .

Suggestion: If you want us to sign an NDA first, please include just the high-level concept of your proposal without anything that you may want to keep proprietary and we will consider if we want to sign the NDA or not. (Note that an NDA will only be signed for Brand Licensees or for large Professional Services requests.)
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