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Q: Is Just for Geniuses for real? How come I never heard of it before?
A: (Are you for real? How come we never heard of you before either?) Yes, Just for Geniuses is for real. If you prick us, we will bleed. It's possible that you didn't hear of us until now because we were in stealth mode for well over a millennium (good jokes take time) and just revealed ourselves to the world seconds ago. (Wow, this viral thingy really does move fast on the Internet.)

Q: How much Just for Geniuses merchandise are you planning to produce?
A: As much as it takes. We will not rest until every Genius has the proper guidance he or she needs to survive in this cruel world.

Q: If Geniuses are so smart, how come they need so much guidance?
A: We’ve found that Geniuses are usually very smart in their chosen vocation, but not so smart in everything else. Problem is that most Geniuses (not you of course) think that they are a Genius in everything, when they clearly are not.

Q: How many Geniuses are there in the world today?
A: According to the World Health Organization there are approximately 7 billion Geniuses in the world (and counting.)

Q: What is the name of the egg shaped character?
A: Dr. Justin F. Geniuses

Q: What did Dr. Justin get his doctorate in?
A: Ph.D. in Common Sense (of course.)

Q: Why is Dr. Justin always smiling even when he says things that are not so nice?
A: Dr. Justin says the things that we wish we can say, but cannot say do to social and other constraints. But Dr. Justin is never mean or spiteful.

Q: Does Dr. Justin write all the jokes for Just for Geniuses himself?
A: You do realize that Dr. Justin is a fictional character? All our jokes are written by our professional writing staff. (We find that they write the best jokes after watching Hulu reruns for 12 hours straight... at least that’s what they tell us.) We also accept customization requests from anyone (even you!)

Q: If I collect Just for Geniuses branded products, will they be worth a lot of money some day?
A: Ironically, if everyone collects Just for Geniuses merchandise, it probably won’t be worth that much. If no one collects Just for Geniuses merchandise, it won’t be worth that much either (unless you are a archaeologist from the 23 century.) However, if you are one of the few that collects Just for Geniuses merchandise at the beginning, and then everyone else jumps on the bandwagon in the future, it’s certainly possible that they may increase in value. Still our advice to you (and to all collectors at there) is to collect products that you genuinely enjoy collecting.

Q: I would love to purchase a particular item, but I can’t seem to find it on your site:
A: We have a number of customization options depending on your needs.

Q: I am looking for a product that I saw on your site last week, but now I can’t find it.
A: It’s possible that the item was a limited edition, discontinued, or removed due to an intellectual property infringement claim.

Q: Why are some items limited edition and some items are discontinued?
A: To keep our products fresh and exciting, we offer select designs for a limited time and periodically retire our older designs.

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