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Compared to previous generations, we're all Geniuses. Anything we don't know, we can search for in the blink of an eye. Based on this, life should be fantastically simple. A walk in the park. A piece of cake. Easy as pie.

And yet, life is nothing like that. Have you looked around lately? Life is complicated and is getting more complicated. It's as if someone keeps changing the rules on us, making things harder and harder. And as smart as we are, we can't keep up. Admit it, even for simple things, we need help. We need Just for Geniuses.

However, this task is too daunting for us to go at it alone. We need your help with this noble effort:
  • Purchase branded Just for Geniuses books and merchandise. Yes, a portion of every purchase will got towards producing more Just for Geniuses books and merchandise.
  • Tell us what books and merchandise we need to produce to help as many Geniuses as possible. Since you are a Genius and you know tons of other Geniuses, you are perfect for this assignment. Please submit your suggestion here.
  • At the very least, please welcome Just for Geniuses into your heart. We hope to bring goodwill and cheer into your day.

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